Mike's Mowing

Mike's Mowing is a small business for lawn-mowing, weeding, trimming, and an assortment of yard work. The difference between Mike and the "big companies" is that Mike doesn’t have a bunch of needless expenses like advertising and because he uses your mower, there’s no extra fee for gas and maintenance. All you’re paying for is the labor! That's why his prices are so ridiculously low! Mike serves the South Bend and surrounding communities with a family-friendly personal business approach. He treats every customer like a good friend, not like a client! Prices are negotiable. Schedule is negotiable. First mow of the season is FREE!

Mike’s is perfect for lots of people:

  • Busy schedule – not enough time to mow
  • Going on vacation – keep your yard looking clean while you’re gone
  • Disability or age
  • “Laziness” :)
  • Perfect for preparing summer parties, cookouts, and other outside events!

Take the struggle out of having to keep up with your yard through the hot summer. Choose Mike’s for all your yard work needs!

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